We are Different

Why We are Different

Our introduction to dealer education started in 1998.

Our needs with our vehicle donation project had to be letter perfect.

TriStar Motors LLC was created.

Three retired SF cops who all had the gift of gab and a really strong training background with the SFPD.

Willis Garriott, The captain and a consumate insider.

Al Perini, The lieutenant and smart as a whip.

Joe Weatherman, The sergeant and jack of all trades,

Officer Thomas Kracke needed our help

The Catastrophic Illness Account of the police union was born and TriStar Motors LLC was to operate the vehicle donation program.

The dealer license training taken to obtain our dealer license in 1998 was lacking critical information and Al Perini was scolded for asking too many questions.

Al Perini’s frustration with trying to get straight answers from the DMV lead to a team based approach using police training as the model.

It works like this:

What do I need to stay safe?

What do i need to know to figure this out?

Who do I call when i cannot figure it out?

Where is the coffee?

The original program for dealer license education was created in 1998. We update our training monthly and are fully certified by the California DMV as DMV Educators, License CCC004.

We are the oldest & largest car dealer school in California.

We offer one on one dealer license education.

We will help you build your dealer license

to suit your needs & specification.

We will help you gain full auction access & full use dealer license plates.

We will support you with a host of dealer services as part of our Dealer License Support Services Division.

You can expect to get licensed in 30 days or less when you follow our training path.

Officer Thomas Kracke was a dedicated member of the SFPD who died of bone marrow cancer at a very young age leaving three young sons and a beautiful wife.

RIP Officer Crackhead we love you. We will never forget.